Most organizations prefer to hire full-time staff to manage information technology systems, but is that always necessary? It can be especially difficult for a stakeholder to hand over access to what is commonly the most critical component of the business; IT. Here are five reason why you should think about using a third party to simplify IT.

  1. The existing IT staff lacks the necessary expertise or experience to tackle a new project like building a cohesive cloud network, or performing a complex application migration. You can hire out specific projects to ensure they are completed on budget and on time and by professionals with the skills to get it done properly.
  2. You have difficulty justifying a full-time salaried staff for your IT needs. Outsourcing IT allows you to minimize your “all-in” costs (salary and benefits) which can be especially beneficial for small office or non-technical oriented businesses.
  3. You cannot find the right IT hire. Hooking an experienced, well-trained IT professional can be a difficult task. IT people are not always what they say they are and you don’t want to spend your days searching for the right person and hoping this is the one. 
  4. Your existing IT team is over capacity and needs some interim or part-time help. Maybe you just need a few hours a week of qualified help to allow your team to focus on priority projects. “Staff augmentation” you might hear it called.
  5. You are up against the clock on a critical IT project and just don’t have time to hunt around for an IT professional that is up to the task. You may just need help for a one-time project that is time-sensitive and you don’t want to commit to a long term relationship.

Outsourcing doesn’t need to be a dirty word; there are legitimate business reasons to use a third-party team to build up your information technology strength.