Wish your company was doing a better job at marketing online?

There are reasons you pay for service. For instance, you can have lawn care treatment done or you can do it yourself; you hire someone to manage your investments (wealth) or you do it yourself. There’s nothing wrong with “doing it yourself” unless you don’t have the time or expertise to reap the benefits.

Many businesses try to do online marketing – “try” being the key word. They send emails, run a few AdWords campaigns, and even have a Facebook page. But how effective are these marketing programs? Are they even being measured?

You might be good at running your business, but when it comes to online marketing do you have the experience, time and expertise to do it well?

Why Outsource Your Marketing
Business owners, and even marketing staff, desire to rank on page one of Google, generate more new leads each month and increase revenue through new channels like Google Shopping. But many aren’t getting the results they want. Outsourced marketing may be your answer.

We know; you’re nervous about letting someone else have control over your brand and messaging. But great internet marketing companies will be collaborative with you. They will keep you in the loop and make you feel comfortable not having your hand in everything. They become an extension of your business (as if it were their business), working towards your business and online goals.

You’re probably great at running your business, but are you getting great results with your online marketing?

Here are five reasons you may need to outsource your marketing:

  1. Lack of Time
    As much as you’d like to be a super hero and do everything yourself, in reality that just isn’t possible. You are only one person and chances are, your expertise is needed elsewhere in the company. Sometimes the best thing you can do is ask for help. A great marketing program is not rushed and slapped together at the last minute. Any time you devote to marketing should be used to collaborate with your marketing company and develop some awesome campaigns. Then let them execute, keep you informed and make recommendations to improve your position.
  2. No Budget
    The old saying “money doesn’t grow on trees” is true. Think about the current pain points and capacity issues in your company. Hiring a dedicated person to handle your online marketing will probably end up costing you more than outsourcing. If you plan to hire a new employee, your real needs may be in customer service or top management. Plus, you don’t only need to budget for the salary of your new marketing hire, but also for the time and energy it will take you to train them and help them out.
  3. Online Marketing Expertise
    How much time do you have left over at the end of the day to read up on the latest marketing trends and techniques? Do you understand Google’s latest algorithm update and Facebook’s latest platform features? And, how much online marketing experience do you really have? Your time is probably better spent elsewhere, and if you aren’t keeping current on the industry, you can’t expect your marketing to be top notch. If you outsource your marketing, you will get a team of experts whose job is not only to handle your marketing strategy, plan and execution but also to be educated and notify you of emerging trends and updates.
  4. Resources
    There are a lot of software programs out there to help you with your marketing, such as social media / email automation or keyword tracking tools. These don’t always come cheap so you probably don’t have access to them. Not to mention, do you know how to effectively use them? If you outsource your marketing, it’s expected that your marketing company is already using these tools and knows how to optimize them based on your needs.
  5. Lack of Information
    Though most decisions made are based on emotions, you probably should be using data to support your decisions. Are you tracking and measuring your every move? And if you are, are you using that data to make decisions? Making decisions without data can lead to a big waste of your time and money. If you outsource your marketing, you will have someone to track your data, understand it and be able to come back to you with the full story, plus recommendations on how to proceed with an informed decision.

I know what you’re thinking… This is going to cost me a lot of money. It will if you think this way. Look at outsourced marketing as an investment. You might find a few thousand bucks a month with the right online marketing company could easily help you generate tens of thousands of dollars in return.