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Sometimes outsourcing just makes more sense than hiring additional staff. When hiring for digital marketing, finding that special person with expertise in multiple disciplines is difficult, especially in today’s job market. Building a solid team is a long-term strategy that takes time, resources, and the right people.  

As a business leader, you’re focused on running the company, you have targets you’re trying to reach, and your time already spread thin. You need an expert digital marketing team that you can trust to make the most of your marketing budget 

In this article we’ll highlight some of the top reasons to outsource your digital marketing to an experienced partner.  

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing 

Business owners, and even marketing staff, desire to rank on page one of Google, generate more new leads each month and increase revenue through new channels like Google Shopping. But many aren’t getting the results they want. Outsourced marketing may be your answer.

We know; you’re nervous about letting someone else have control over your brand and messaging. But great internet marketing companies will be collaborative with you. They will keep you in the loop and make you feel comfortable not having your hand in everything. They become an extension of your business (as if it were their business), working towards your business and online goals.

You’re probably great at running your business, but are you getting great results with your online marketing?

Here are five reasons you may need to outsource your marketing:


You’ll Have More Time in Your Day 

When you outsource, you’ll give yourself and your managers more time to focus on core business. You will be freed up to do what you do best, and you can spend time on thing things you’re most passionate about. Sounds nice, right?

It’s easy to get burnt out when your time and focus is pulled in a lot of different directions every day. By letting experienced digital marketers do what they do best on behalf of your business, you’ll see results without having to focus so much energy on marketing yourselves. Even your existing marketing team benefits because they will expand their knowledge by working with other digital marketers with different skillsets and backgrounds.  


You’ll Benefit From Their Expertise & Innovation 

By hiring seasoned digital marketers with solid experience across multiple industries and focus areas, you will reap the benefitsYour outsourced partner will tap into their experiences working with other partners and apply those learnings and top performing strategies to your marketing. This can bring a lot of value as you look to scale and grow your business. 

It’s a digital agency’s job to stay current with the latest trends and algorithm updates, and bring a fresh ideas and perspective to the partnership. Not to mention, they’ve already invested in the best 3rd party data analysis, marketing, and research tools that help them do the job more efficiently. This helps stretch your marketing dollars further than if you took everything on in-house.  


You’ll Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness 

Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty common for companies to have ad hoc marketing programs or no strategy in play at all. Marketing works best when there is a strong and cohesive plan that sets the direction and pulls everything together. When a consistent experience is delivered across channelswhen data is analyzed and insights are used to drive decision-making and improvements, that’s when you see results. If that’s not being done, there is a real missed opportunity. 

An experienced digital partner lives and breathes digital marketing. Sometimes they can fill the gaps in a way that internal teams can’t easily do 


You’ll Be Better Prepared to Adapt to Change 

Many digital agencies are designed to scale up and down and offer a variety of ways to work together. This can mean doing focused project work or having a service level agreement in place for ongoing marketing strategy, management, and continuous optimization of programs. This can mean adjusting their tactics based on what the data tells them and doubling down on what’s working well 

Digital agencies are used to the constant change the industry throws at them. To be competitive, they know that they need to stay on top of trends and best practices. They know they need to prove their value in every recommendation they share with clients and every optimization they make. Adapting to change is what they do on a regular basis.


You’ll Stay Ahead of Your Competition 

Many industries are behind the times when it comes to their technology and marketingCompanies often find themselves stuck doing things the way they’ve always doneand their competition is stuck too. When businesses invest in a good, outsourced partner, in many cases it gives them a big advantage over their competition who sticks with the status quo.  


In a nutshell, outsourced partners can shake things up in a really good way. It’s worth exploring the possibilities if your goals are to grow your business.   

Acumium is a full-service digital marketing agency with over two decades of experience in all things digital. We’ve partnered with numerous companies in all sorts of industries, both B2B and B2C, and in all sizes and different digital maturity levels. We understand how to strategize, build, and effectively optimize digital marketing programs that deliver a good return on investment. 

If you’re ready to take the first step to finding a new outsourced digital marketing partner, we encourage you to reach out to us. We’re here to help and we’re always happy to answer questions you may have about Acumium, our capabilities and experiences, or process to see if we’d be a good fit for your business, contact us.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2013 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.