How do you take a niche B2B business and present it online in a way that not only has a compelling message to attract more web traffic but also converts that traffic into actionable leads? We were faced with that exact challenge when our client, Quality Power Solutions (QPS), approached us to help them with their digital marketing efforts.

QPS provides companies with backup power solutions for their mission-critical data centers. In other words they help schools, hospitals and manufacturing facilities keep the lights on and systems running – no matter the situation.

QPS realized their marketing and branding didn’t match the excellence of service that they provide their customers. Their lead generation programs had become stagnant, and their website was outdated, so they decided it was time to give their online presence a makeover. That’s where Acumium came in. There’s a lot that went into our project with QPS, but it all boils down to three important steps we took to get them the results they needed. Luckily for you, I’ve outlined those steps needed to increase website traffic and get better leads.

1. Understand the problem

QPS’ previous website was cluttered with information and lacked clear calls-to-action for its visitors. The design was outdated, and prospects couldn’t find information quickly. The QPS team wanted to address these issues and build an online presence that reflected their brand and values of friendliness, trust and reliability. More than just a redesign though, QPS needed help capturing their brand story and creating messaging that connected with customers and generated more leads.

2. Get to know the audience

Before we could create that message though, we needed to understand each audience segment from QPS’ vantage point. Having a clear understanding of your target audience is critical. QPS has several audience segments, each in various industries, with different pain points and motivators. To identify and outline the details of each, we collaborated with QPS on a personas exercise that we call “What’s In It for Me” (WIIFM). This exercise allowed us to get to know QPS’ audiences on a first name basis, like “Nick the IT Manager.” This better connected us with the people the site would serve.

3. Get to work

From there we developed a new mobile-first, responsive website and launched a comprehensive digital strategy to create brand awareness, drive website traffic and increase leads.

It’s important to understand that to achieve online success your website can’t live in a silo. Having a strong omni-channel approach is the best way to achieve the results you want. Along with the site, we helped QPS strengthen multiple channels with a combination of different marketing tactics including:

  • SEO strategy to increase rankings and generate organic traffic
  • Paid search advertising for brand awareness and lead generation
  • A blog for organic traffic generation and to help establish QPS as an industry expert
  • A content calendar for visualizing and planning content distribution and promotion
  • Social media marketing for brand awareness, lead generation and customer retention
  • Email marketing for generating, nurturing and converting leads into customers
  • Offline marketing, such as TV commercials and trade shows, to create an integrated approach to support digital efforts

Did it work?

It sure did. QPS experienced 112% growth in website sessions and received 83 online leads in the six months post launch (compared to the 5 online leads they received six months prior). The improved numbers speak for themselves.

Want to learn more about how we helped Quality Power Solutions? Check out the full case study on the project!