Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Acquire More Customers

PPC advertising is the fastest way to grow is to dominate the search engines.

There is no other advertising channel that can produce measurable results better than paid search advertising. PPC programs not only drive new customer growth, but this type of advertising is proven to be an effective driver of organic web traffic and other marketing programs.

  • Pay-per-click advertising supports many areas of the sales funnel.
  • PPC advertising is measurable and trackable.
  • You can be up and running quickly with PPC.
  • You control the ads, the message, the target market, etc.
  • PPC will drive the success of other marketing programs.

We provide expert-level search engine marketing via pay-per-click (PPC) advertising management services to ecommerce retailers and B2B, lead generation focused companies looking to increase brand awareness, website traffic, sales and leads. Our team is certified with Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Bing Ads, and has proven experience working across many industries.

Acumium has one of the most efficient and effective return on ad spend (RoAS) driven processes in the industry.

Agency Account Specialist - Google

 Acumium has one of the most efficient and effective return on ad spend (RoAS) driven processes in the industry.
Agency Account Specialist - Google

We are Proven in SEM

Our team is solely focused on PPC and has over 20 years of combined experience including management of million dollar advertising budgets for a Fortune 500 company. Our SEM team:

  • Uses a data-driven approach to get top results.
  • Has access to Google representatives and internal teams with diverse skill sets.
  • Knows how to maximize ad campaigns for peak seasons.
  • Is experienced with Google Shopping, PLAs, text ads, display banner ads, video ads, dynamic search remarketing (RLSA), and custom product feeds.

Google AdWords and Analytics Certified
Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Our PPC Management Approach Tops Traditional Methods

Using our Honeycomb PPC approach, our PPC campaigns are structured to work with the search engine algorithms to get better quality scores and click-through-rates, resulting in a lower cost-per-click for our clients. Our approach gives us a granular view of the AdWord and Bing accounts we manage, allowing us to quickly gather insights and adjust when necessary. 

Typical PPC agencies follow Google and Bing's suggested approach (it’s designed for search engines to make more money) and they use automated tools for bidding, resulting in limited product coverage, lower quality scores and ads with a higher cost-per-click. 

Acumium's Honeycomb PPC approach:

  • Full product coverage
  • Keyword focused ads
  • Tens of thousands of keywords
  • Algorithm based approach
  • Keyword level bidding by hand
  • Brand recognition ad headlines

Typical agency PPC approach:

  • Key product coverage
  • Ad group focused ads
  • A few hundred keywords
  • Google training approach
  • Ad group level bidding using tools
  • Product recognition ad headlines

Our Results Speak For Themselves

When we told one of our online retail clients they had the potential to make 10X their current PPC revenue, they were in disbelief. Six months later, not only did we hit that mark, but we continue to sustain those numbers. Our proven, results-driven PPC advertising management approach produces profitable results for our clients.

Tandy Leather
820% increase
in PPC revenue in first 12 months.

Fair Indigo
3X holiday sales
and increased total PPC revenue by 250% in 1st year.

ProClip USA
33% increase
in PPC revenue 12 months after account restructuring.

Choose Hope
25% of revenue
Developed PPC into a new revenue stream in two years.

PPC Management - In-House vs Outsourcing

Often companies look to save money by having their internal marketing person handle their PPC advertising. If this person isn’t a SEM professional and they are spread thin managing multiple marketing channels, chances are they don’t regularly devote time to staying current with Google’s algorithm changes, nor do they have the expertise or time to continuously analyze and optimize your ad campaigns.  

Most of our potential clients have:

  • A viable business with competitive pricing and a decent website
  • Ineffective paid advertising campaigns
  • Lack sufficient product/website coverage to beat their competition 
  • Too much on their plate
  • A lack of current “best practice” expertise 
  • Paid too much for clicks
  • A cost-focused approach

Many of our potential clients need:

  • A growth-oriented SEM strategy
  • To acquire more new customers at a lower cost
  • To dominate their competition
  • Experienced staff who solely focuses on SEM 
  • Vendors who can self-manage
  • A solid return on their investment

Turn your pay-per-click advertising into a revenue growth channel.