User Experience Design (UX)

Building Intuitive and Elegant Digital Experiences to Delight Users

UX Deliverable - Wireframes
When your website or software application offers a sub optimal experience, it can result in ripple effects that directly affect the strength of your brand. You may have a gut feeling that something’s not right. Your website might not convert visits into sales, or you may be getting poor customer feedback. Your killer app may not be bringing you killer results, or, even worse, potential customers may be visiting you online and getting so frustrated they leave, never to return.

User experience is your insurance policy against those dings to your brand, and it’s right in our wheelhouse. No matter how complex, we’re ready to jump in and solve your UX problems so you can focus on growing your business.

Good UX isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Let’s talk about the experience you want to build.

Real People, Who Really Care, Bringing You Real Results

We are your pragmatic, no-nonsense UX agency nestled unassumingly in Madison, Wisconsin. People tell us they like us because we’re real, and we cut the fluff to get stuff done quickly. We find the intersection of your business goals and the experience your customers want and, once we’ve got it, we settle in and design something with major horsepower. We’re a small but mighty team of smart people with a full UX toolkit, and we’re ready to help you build something awesome.

We Offer the Services You Need in a Go-to UX Partner.

Our user experience team uses customer insights to craft experiences that promote conversions and drive leads, make complex transactions easy, and increase user loyalty to your brand. We want to help you make your customers happy, visit after visit.

UX Deliverable - Style Tiles
UX Deliverable - Customer Journey Map

UX Strategy & Consulting
Strategic guidance to help you offer your customers an optimal, goal-centric, and delightful experience in the ever-changing digital space.

User Research
Qualitative and quantitative methods including things like contextual inquiry and customer journey mapping to find out what your customers actually want, resulting in data to drive UX optimization and website design decisions.

UX Design Services 
Expert, detailed assistance designing a compelling and effective experience, with a fistful of deliverables in the form of wireframes, information architecture docs, style tiles, and user stories, all ready to hand off to a development team for implementation.

User Testing 
Multi-method, flexible approach to confirming the usability and appropriateness of your solution to what your customers need, either before go-live or, even better, before any code is written.

UX Services Retainer 
Ready access to UX consulting, design work, and insights on an as-needed basis to help you through a website redesign, product launch or other initiative.

UX Deliverable - Customer Journey Map

We’ve Helped These Companies Increase Brand Loyalty and Grow Their Businesses with Our UX Services. We Can Help You, Too.

Duluth Trading Company
We’ve been an ongoing UX partner with Duluth for years, recently helping them out with an optimized and responsive new checkout, and a completely redesigned store locator.

Working closely with the Cellara team, we’ve designed a highly complex and nuanced user experience for a custom software solution to better enable cell culture science.

My Life and Wishes
We hand crafted the UX for this startup application, taking it from a printed book to a customer software application with an intuitive interface that’s laser-focused on user goals.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

User experience design is a big topic. Take 30 minutes with us to talk about the experience you want to build. We’ll see if it’s a good fit for us, and if we’re a good fit for you.