Web Analytics and Reporting

Trust Your Gut or Trust Your Data?

Do you want to understand how visitors interact with your ecommerce website? Or which campaigns drive the most qualified traffic? Or what channels convert the best? Tracking your website data produces insightful information about your website and your customers’ online habits, which leads to data backed decisions that will make your business grow

Data is powerful when used correctly. But in order to use data to your advantage, you have to collect the right data and analyze it in meaningful ways. This is where we can help. 

We Help Companies Use Data to Drive Decisions

You can’t always trust your gut. We believe that web analytics should be used to understand the success of your programs and to drive future decisions. 

We take a data driven approach to all of our marketing and web development projects. If you’re just getting started, we will implement the proper tracking and set up baseline reporting and custom dashboards. From there we will analyze your data and provide actionable recommendations aimed at driving growth. 

Want better insights into your web and marketing programs? We can help!

Web Analytics Consulting Services
  • KPI identification 
  • Data accuracy audit and analysis
  • Baseline and industry comparisons
  • Web analytics dashboards
  • In-depth marketing channel analysis
  • Keyword ranking and monitoring
  • Campaign and event tracking

  • Website speed and traffic Monitoring
  • Heat, click, and scroll map testing
  • Funnel and checkout Analysis
  • Google Webmaster Tools Monitoring
  • Google Analytics advanced segments and filters
  • A/B and multivariate testing 
  • Opportunity identification

Google Analytics Certified 
Not only do we understand Google Analytics (and a bunch of other analytical tools), we're also a Google Partner with staff certified in Google Analytics.

You're into data, but not sure you're ready to dive in?