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Is Ranking Well in Search Engines at the Top of Your List?

Search Engine Optimization

An easy way to increase website traffic is to have your pages rank in the top positions in organic search results. Optimizing your website for Google is not rocket science, but many companies don't have the knowledge, experience or the time and resources to devote to increasing organic search traffic to their website.

For our clients, SEO is a top priority.

We take a scientific approach to optimizing websites and each plan is suited specifically for each client. We don't believe in generic "SEO Packages" that are aimed at taking your money. We believe in performing the necessary "white hat" SEO best practices that produce measurable results that will increase your rankings, leads and online sales.

Yes SEO is important, but conversions matter!

As a Google partner, we understand how to help companies be more findable. As a marketing partner for our clients, we know that those rankings need to result in more sales. It's when we integrate our SEO services into a complete online marketing program that things really start to hum nicely.

SEO Services

  • Keyword Research and Strategy
  • Website and Content Planning
  • On-Page SEO (Headings, Body Content, Images, Alt Text)
  • URL and Navigation Optimization 
  • Metadata Optimization (Title Tags, Descriptions)
  • Content Development and Creation
  • Link Strategy Development and Execution
  • Google Webmaster Tools Monitoring
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Local SEO Strategy 
  • SEO Training 

Industry Experience

  • Online retailers
  • Catalog-based companies 
  • B2B retail companies
  • Lead generation focused B2B companies
  • Local businesses

Our SEO Methodology

The search engine’s primary responsibility is to serve relevant results to its users. Our primary responsibility is to serve you results.

We advocate you build your website for people, not search engines. This creates a positive experience and search engines reward you for providing content relevant to what people search.

  • Website Review and Planning - We perform a high-level analysis of your website and placement in search engines which involves input from you and data from your web tracking. From this learning, we can recommend next phases for SEO and other areas such as landing page optimization.
  • Advanced Keyword Research - We perform extensive keyword research to find the right keyword phrases that can optimize your website traffic.
  • Measuring and Monitoring - We set benchmarks and monitor your SEO before any work is done and then consistently monitor this after implementation.
  • On-Page SEO Recommendations - We perform a detailed analysis and provide recommendations for on-page SEO elements. We focus on keyword optimization and keyword density for these elements: URLs, Title Tags, Headings, Meta-tags, Body Copy, Images and more.
  • SEO Implementation - Based on your web platform, we (or you) can apply the on-page SEO recommendations to your site.
  • SEO Monitoring and Consulting - We track the progress of our efforts and share reports and adjustments on keywords, positioning and conversions for at least three months.
  • Content Marketing SEO - Based on your needs, back linking strategies, content development and content marketing programs can be outlined and implemented to further drive website traffic and increased rankings.
Our search engine specialists stay up-to-date with algorithm updates and any other search engine changes so they can make ongoing recommendations to keep your site optimized. All SEO services are performed at our Madison, Wisconsin office.

5 Examples of our SEO in Action

Here are just a few companies we've helped optimize their website for search:

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