Email Marketing Software

AcumiumMail™ - An Affordable Email Platform for Sending Bulk Email

Bulk Email Marketing Software

AcumiumMail™ is more than just easy-to-use, web-based, bulk email marketing software. It’s built to deliver email to your customer’s inbox, not get trapped in a spam filter.

And it’s built to handle large volumes: hundreds of thousands to millions of emails a month – perfect for Internet publishers, universities and online retailers.

AcumiumMail™ helps you:

  • Create targeted, personalized messages
  • Track your clicks and bounces
  • See who opens your emails and who unsubscribes
  • Make sure your emails are CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Send tens of thousands of emails at a low rate

Personalized Bulk Email Marketing

Personalize Your Emails

Fully personalize all relevant email areas to optimize your responses.

Email Inbox Delivery

Reach the Email Inbox

Predict whether emails will be blocked or not by using our SpamScore analysis.

Email Reporting Software

Analyze Email Results

Track new and returning clickers, participation, link popularity and more.

AcumiumMail™ (formerly GravityMail™ email marketing software)