Case Study: Quality Power Solutions

How We Helped Our Client Increase Leads by 1,560% in 6 Months

Case Study: Quality Power Solutions

 We are happy we partnered with Acumium on this website redesign. Their process helped us understand how to tailor content to our target audience. We're very pleased with our new site and the engagement we have received and we're excited to continue working with them.
Mike Bergum, Sales Associate Manager
- Quality Power Solutions


QPS' marketing and branding didn't live up to the excellence their technicians and staff deliver to their customers. QPS needed a fresh start and a strategic plan to demonstrate their power solution expertise. QPS' challenge had two major components: 1) stagnant lead generation and 2) an outdated website. Challenge accepted.


Before beginning work on a marketing strategy, we took the time to get to know each audience segment through QPS' vantage point. We identified key target audiences and collaborated with QPS on a personas exercise. From there we put the pedal to the metal to develop a new responsively designed website and launched a comprehensive digital strategy to create brand awareness, drive website traffic, and increase leads. So what was the result?


QPS got leads. A lot of them! It took just four days with a new website for QPS to earn their first lead, after only receiving three leads in the previous 12 months. QPS also saw strong increases in traffic sessions, unique site visitors, keyword rankings, and mobile ranking. Challenge overcome!
Digital Marketing Strategy Results

Understanding the Problem

QPS Old Website Design
A website is the cornerstone of every brand’s digital strategy. QPS’ previous website was cluttered with information and lacked clear calls to action for its visitors. The design and imagery were outdated, and prospects couldn’t find information quickly. The QPS team wanted to address these issues and build an online presence that reflected QPS’ corporate values of friendliness, trust, and reliability. This project was more than just a redesign. QPS needed help to capture its brand story and transform its messaging to connect with customers and generate leads. It was time to get to work!

Audience Personas

Targeting the Audience

Having a clear understanding of the target audience is critical to a successful long term marketing strategy. QPS has several audience segments, each in various industries, with different pain points and motivators. To identify and outline the details of those audiences, we collaborated with QPS on a personas exercise that we call “What’s In It for Me” (WIIFM). Through this exercise, we got to know QPS’ audiences, like “Nick the IT Manager,” on a first name basis. This better connected us with the people the website needed to serve.

Telling the QPS Story

Telling the QPS Story
Using personas and rebranding best practices, we developed QPS' brand story and new core value propositions. QPS' previous value proposition, "Power Solutions for Your Mission Critical Applications," with the tag line, "Empowering Your Success Always" was too internally focused. Not only was this vague and filled with flowery language, but it failed to clearly communicate the main goal of QPS' service, which it to help business with their power needs. Let's cut this long story short. 

We used the insight from our strategic planning to work with QPS to create a new and improved value proposition that speaks more meaningfully to what QPS offers. "We Keep Businesses Running" better captures the value that QPS' solution brings to its clients. 

Custom Website Redesign

Transforming the Website

First impressions are everything. Our main goal is was to make sure that a vistor understood QPS' value and what they do in less than 15 seconds after entering QPS' website. We got to work putting their new site together. When it comes to rebuilding a website, we don't cut corners. We always follow seven stages to ensure a successful rebuild:

  • Discovery 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Design and Information Architecture
  • SEO and Content Development
  • Website Development
  • Fit and Finish
  • Launch 

Building the Brand

With a new responsive website as the hub of QPS’ digital marketing strategy, we developed and delivered a content marketing plan.

From there, we created a comprehensive digital strategy for QPS serving multiple channels and using a combination of different marketing tactics:

  • SEO to increase rankings and generate organic traffic
  • PPC for awareness and point-of-need lead generation 
  • A blog for organic traffic generation and thought leadership 
  • A content calendar for visualizing and planning content distribution on an annual basis
  • Social media for awareness, engagement, lead generation (through targeted ad options on LinkedIn and Facebook) and customer retention
  • Email marketing for generating, nurturing and converting leads into customers
  • Offline marketing to create an integrated approach to support sales and other needs
  • Ongoing maintenance & strategy to ensure success and continued program optimization over time
Comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Quality Power Solutions

A New Website in Just Three Months

A New Website in Just Three Months

QPS launched its responsive site on August 17, 2015, and received its first online lead four days later. This was a clear sign of success for QPS after only receiving three total leads on its old site the previous year. In the two months following the launch, QPS saw received 19 leads through online submissions, which is a dramatic improvement from the previous year. That’s one giant leap for QPS.


Case Study Results
So what did QPS have to show for its complete transformation? The improved numbers tell a great story, but it’s when the CEO tells you you’re an important part of their success you know you’ve hit the mark. We’re happy to be part of QPS’ ongoing success.

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